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Welcome To the Future of Training.

Hello I’m Kevin, founder of CertSoft. Our team of designers and programmers have worked for years to bring you a fully customizable online training system that will take your organization’s training and certification needs to a whole new level.

CertSoft, Turn Key Online Training.

Since 2011, our team has be designing and implementing training platforms for online certification schools.  As our knowledge base of these systems grew, we started the process of completely re-engineering our system to allow for greater flexibility. In the Spring of 2013 we stared work on our new platform, CertSoft.

Go Modular

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our new system could easily adapt to the needs of an ever-growing diverse set of clients. This re-engineered system is based off of a modular platform that allows us to create a custom application for unique situations, all while leaving the core features and functionality our clients need and want in place.

Turn Key Solution For Your Organization

Thanks to our years of planning, we are now able to offer a turn key solution to facilitate both enterprise level learning and online training school solutions. Eliminate your current programming bills, and take advantage of a more robust system with greater flexibility and streamlined automation.

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Loaded With Features

Assign Training

Easily assign content and to-dos to users, groups or the entire organization. Set due dates and recurring training.

User Permissions

Selectively manage access to any area within the system by the various user roles that you create. Control any user's ability to view any groups.

Host Webinars

Host webinars and training with ReadyTalk and WebEx integrations. It’s easy to add virtual classroom sessions to your training mix.

Content Management System

Create, organize, and distribute your content and files in a quick, centralized location. Establish workspace's for subject matter experts to upload and store content.

Generate Revenue

Integrated payment system allows you to charge your users for each course they take.

White Label

Style to fit your brand with custom layouts, logos, images, and colors. Let your learners know what's going on with custom home pages.


Choose to receive automated system notifications informing your users when new content is available or when training is due.

Completion Certificates

Upon completion of your course users have the ability to print a completion certificate for each course.

Timed Quizzes

Set a custom timer for quizzes. Users must finish the quiz in the allotted time or they will fail or be forced to retake the quiz.

API Integration

Seamlessly push user data and course completion information to 3rd party platforms.

Learning Plans

Create sets of learning plans design for key rolls in your organization, or build training plans for new hires based on their specific needs.

Publish Videos

Deliver interactive & informative training videos. Added quiz question after each video to reinforce key components.


View detailed user interaction reports, effortless track the progress of your corporations participator with scheduled emailed reports.

Identity Security

Ensure that each user is who they say they are with custom security question. These questions can be ask before taking any quiz or final.

Enterprise Scalability

Our system grows with your companies needs and wants. We are continually adding new features to fit with your goals.

Some features are still in beta testing and/or in our project work log. Contact us for expected launch dates.

Bring Cloud-Based Training Solutions to Your Organization!

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